Christmas Shopping Ideas or Tips for Stress Free Shopping

Christmas Shopping Ideas or Tips for Stress Free Shopping

Even though it still feels light years away, Christmas is just around the corner. Did you know there is less than 30 days left until Christmas day?

But shopping for your presents doesn’t need to be stressful, leave the panic behind, make plans and get your gifts wrapped and under the tree in advance with our top tips for stress free Christmas shopping.

1. Make a List

Father Christmas does this every year without fail so follow his lead and make a list of everyone you need to buy gifts for, it’s probably best to include the naughty and the nice just in case anyone feels left out with a lump of coal.

We’d recommend adding a budget and suggestions next to everyone’s name, this will help you stick to your budget and give you a little inspiration. Just make sure you don’t leave it anywhere that people can find it, that would be just a bit awkward

2. Make A Plan and Budget

Failing to plan is planning to fail. We’re not entirely sure who said this but they definitely had a point. Make yourself a spreadsheet, calendar or a wall chart with the amount of time you have left until the big day to help you keep track of where you’re up to.

Aim to be completely sorted a couple of weeks before Christmas to give yourself time for any last minute purchases, it’ll be a much more relaxing run up to Christmas knowing you have everything sorted.

3. Shop Online

Christmas shopping online is by far the easiest way to avoid the crowds, you can get all of your gifts sorted without leaving the comfort of your sofa! It’s also the easiest way to stick to a budget as you can compare prices, take advantage of deals, use voucher codes, get cashback and have everything delivered straight to your door. Plus, by Christmas shopping at Shopping Zone Plus, we have home décor gifts and clothes so you can get everyone a gift from the same place, handy.

4. Order in Advance

Everything is against you when there’s only a few days left to go, last minute Christmas shopping seems like a nightmare but plenty of online stores (including Shopping Zone Plus). Make sure you are aware of the last delivery dates and order in advance; you can never trust the weather after all! Try to order before December 10th to get your order delivered on time.

5. Personalize Gifts

Everyone loves receiving handmade gifts, it shows that you have taken care and attention to make some just for them. Why not try handmade wooden or metal stuff? We can engrave any logo or text on the wooden items to make more personalized gifts for your loved once!

6. Be the first to know about deals and offers

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Take a look at our Christmas Gift Guide that can help to decide what you want on this Christmas season.

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