Gifts For Pilots | Gift Guide of Aviation & pilots Gifts

Gifts For Pilots | Gift Guide of Aviation & pilots Gifts

Professional pilots are sometimes difficult to buy presents for. They almost always have all of their necessary pilot supplies on hand already, but even if they don't, many airline pilots and other commercial pilots are very specific about their preferences regarding flying gadgets. Nevertheless, here are a few gift ideas that every pilot will appreciate.

If you’re looking for uncommon aviation gifts for pilots and aircraft fans, we’ve got some solid ideas for you to consider. Visit our unique Gifts For Pilots & Unique Aviation Lovers section.

P-51 Mustang Model

The P-51 Mustang has a special place in the hearts of aviators, especially Americans. It was a World War II workhorse: the first single-engine plane over France, the first airplane to Germany, and the first one to make it to Berlin. This model contains forty-nine pieces and is a beautiful homage to our heroic aviators of days gone by.

Desktop Warthog

Plane buffs know the Warthog. They know it and when they talk about it they glow with pride. But they’re not the only ones: any recent ground combat veteran loves the Warthog, too. It’s been in service since the 1970s. Originally designed as a tank killer, it’s been the prime close-support aircraft for the U.S. Armed forces for decades.

Other Natural Wooden Models

A Wooden airplane model is always a great gift choice. Choose a model aircraft that the instructor favors and personalize it with the tail number or name on it. These are high quality wooden models.

Painted Plane Models

While not an uncommon aviation gifts for pilots and aircraft fans, the model airplane is something that brings back childhood delight in even the most experienced pilot. With several aircraft models available, you can search and discover a rare model that has sentimental value for your gift recipient.

Airplane Propeller Decor

You will find a quality selection of antique propellers, vintage propellers and replica propellers. Every one of our fine propellers are hand carved from wood and meticulously hand painted. Elegant and tasteful our collection of wood props make the perfect accent for any pilot's decor.

Vintage plane Decor

Vintage Aviation Decor. Do you suppose Vintage Aviation Decor seems to be like nice? Discover every thing about Vintage Aviation Decor right here. Chances are you'll found one different higher design ideas

Airplane 1 Bottle Tabletop Wine Rack

The moment you hold this steel wine rack, you'll feel the weight and solidity, see the craftsmanship and appreciate its quality and value. Airplane 1 Bottle Tabletop Wine Rack makes a great gift for anyone. The unique style of this fine crafted work is a whimsical addition to any home or office.

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