Mahogany Wooden Desktop Airplane Models - Gifts For Pilots

Mahogany Wooden Desktop Airplane Models - Gifts For Pilots

a place where you can find desktop model aircraft

We believe that everyone deserves a hand-crafted model

We work closely with our model makers to provide our clients with unparalleled quality that exceeds expectations. Each of our wooden replicas is carefully designed and handcrafted to capture the glory of the real flying machines.

While flying in a real airplane can be a thrill for children and adults of all ages, many people are armchair aviators. For that special pilot in one's life, aviation gifts can be a great choice.

For aviators, model planes can be a thrilling way to explore the different aircraft that have broken the bonds of earth over the past century. From early barnstorming aircraft to latest pinnacle of aviation technology, we offers many fantastic airplane models and gifts for pilots.

Since flying can be contagious, it's hard for aviation enthusiasts to keep their favorite hobby to themselves. In addition to a variety of great toys and games, Pilot Mall has a variety of aviation-themed home furnishings. Share a love of aviation with authentic wood models, clocks and much more.


Model airplanes are a great way to bond with your children or grandchildren. Offer to help the child with the plane and build it together. We can’t tell you how many stories we’ve heard of the fantastic one-on-one memories made while gluing and piecing together a model airplane. These are moments your children and grandchildren will always remember. You could also give a model airplane kit to siblings with the idea that they will work on them together. Nothing spurns good memories like a little sibling rivalry.

Get Your Beautiful Mahogany Model Today

At Shopping Zone Plus you will find the highest quality Mahogany wooden airplane models available on the market today. All of our wooden model aircraft are hand carved out of mahogany wood by master craftsmen then coated with 3-10 coats of laquer giving each wooden mahogany airplane model a high gloss finish. Weather you are looking for a wooden fighter airplane model or wooden civilian aircraft model. We guarantee that you will find a awesome wood airplane replica to fit into your aircraft collection. All of your natural wood aircraft models are works of art the sheer color of the wood and expert finish give our models an extremely high class look. We can also engrave your logo or name on it.

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